Conch Venture successfully signed a domestic waste power generation project in Xichou County, Yunnan Province
                          Date:2020-11-28 From:海螺創業

                                  On November 26, 2020, Conch Venture and the Xichou County Government of Yunnan Province signed the "Investment Cooperation Agreement on the Domestic Waste Incineration Power Generation Project in Xichou County" and the "Concession Agreement on the Domestic Waste Power Generation Project in Xichou County".It is planned to build a 500t/d production line in the west. During the period, the "Concession Agreement on Domestic Waste Disposal in Malipo County" was also signed with the Malipo County Government of Yunnan Province.

                                  The signing ceremony was held in the conference room of the People’s Government of Xichou County. Ji Qinying, General Manager of Conch Venture, and Han Jiwu, Assistant to General Manager, participated in the signing ceremony. Huang Mingyong, Mayor of Xichou County, and Wang Shuzhong, Mayor of Malipo County, respectively led the heads of relevant units of the two counties to attend and witness the signing. 


                          signing ceremony

                                  Wang Shuzhong said that after witnessing Wenshan Environmental Protection production and income generation and Yanshan County's domestic waste power generation project benefiting one party, he deeply feels that Conch Venture has strong entrepreneurial technology, advanced management experience, and outstanding business performance, and it is at the leading level in the industry.


                                  Huang Mingyong mentioned that Conch Venture’s entrepreneurial expertise is responsible for the entire project site selection, survey and verification process, and hopes to promote the project’s completion and operation as soon as possible, so that the people of Malipo County and the people of Xichou County will benefit soon.


                                  On behalf of the company, Ji Qinying thanked the county committees and governments of Xichou and Malipo counties for their trust and support to Conch Venture.He said that Conch Venture will adhere to the business philosophy of "creating a beautiful home for mankind in the future", steadily promote the construction of the project, ensure that the project is built and operated, and become an industrial tourism spot and environmental education base in Xichou County. Effectively fulfill social responsibilities and contribute to the construction of ecological civilization in Xichou County.


                                  Before the project was signed, Mr. Ji and Mayor Huang of Xichou County went to the project site to conduct a field survey.